Why I’ll Never Give Up Pen and Paper

Call me old-fashioned, but there’s nothing I love more than sitting down with my notepad and pen; from shopping lists, to-do lists and even entire blog posts (like this one). I just find it much more satisfying to tick things off with actual ink rather than the press of a button. Plus, my creative juices flow much better when it comes to planning blog posts. So, here’s a couple of reasons why I won’t give up pen and paper.

While typing straight onto my laptop, or even my notes app on my phone if I’m on the go, might be quicker, it’s just NOT the same. In some ways, putting pen to paper is quite therapeutic. It’s the psychological element, I think, that keeps me reaching for my notebook again and again. Plus, I don’t have the distraction of formatting (fonts, colours, etc).

What’s more, while writing my notes on my laptop or phone might make my hand hurt a little less, I’m never going to find myself having to run for a charger in the middle of getting my thoughts down on paper. An uninterrupted creative thought = better fluidity = greater ideas.

The thing about phones and laptops, they’re great don’t get me wrong, BUT at some point they’re probably going to need upgrading. Unless you get the EXACT same model (which is unlikely in this day and age when everything is discontinued after a couple of years), it’s going to take some getting used to. Where’s the creative energy in that? A notebook never goes out of fashion. Sure, you might fill it up and need a new one (stationery shopping😍) but it still works the same way. Sure, your pen may run out of ink and need replacing but it’s much easier to get the exact same pen. Or, if not, it certainly doesn’t take the same level of getting used to.

So, while my hand may be hurting by the time I’ve finished; while it may take a little extra time reading what I’ve actually written; and while I may end up doing double the work by the time I’ve typed it up… I will never give up on pen and paper. Not for as long as the creative juices keep on flowing out the end of my pen. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my MacBook but it’s just not the same. Plus, why would I pass up the opportunity to buy pretty notebooks?

Anybody else a stationery hoarder? It can’t be just me!

Stay safe,

Abbie @ SimplyAJ.co.uk
Call me old-fashioned, but there's nothing I love more than sitting down with my notepad and pen. Here's why I'll never give up pen and paper.


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