20 Things To Do When Stuck At Home Due To Chronic Illness

Chronic conditions; they’re unpredictable, especially if you’re “high-functioning”. You never know when a flare might strike, nor how long one might last for. That means there may be long periods of time spent locked up in the house, unable to do an awful lot. Spending such a significant amount of time in isolation leads to boredom, demotivation and is likely to affect your mental health. So, to stop this from happening, here are 20 ideas to keep you entertained while stuck at home.

Spending long periods of time at home can lead to boredom, demotivation and is likely to affect your mental health. Here's 20 ideas to keep you entertained.

Have a look at what you’ve got in your cupboards and challenge yourself to make a dish with only those ingredients (Ready Steady Cook style), search online for a recipe of your favourite dish or even make something free-hand. You’ll sure not be short for choice when it comes to cooking.

Tip: if you struggle to stand for a length of time, you can always do your chopping at the dining table to make it easier!


If you’re already a book-lover, it’s likely you’ve got a “to be read” list as long as your arm. Flare days are the perfect days to curl up and make a dent in this list (assuming you can stay awake long enough)! If you’re not already a book geek, then now’s the perfect time to become one. With the Kindle App on your phone/tablet, it’s easier then ever to find something you’ll love.

Try downloading the Goodreads app too, to see what your friends are reading (here’s mine)!

Catching up on your watchlist

Do you have a never-ending list of films, TV shows or documentaries to watch? Great! Now’s the time to start making your way through that list!

Tip: if you particularly loved one of the shows, have a look through the similar recommendations to find something else you might like!


Whether it board games, computer games or the likes of the Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo, there’s plenty that can keep you entertained. If you’ve completed a game, why not do it again and try to beat your record? Challenge a friend?

Don’t forget App stores where you can purchase new games too, including free ones!


If you’re not already into needlework activities then you’ll more than likely need to purchase the supplies first (ask a friend or shop online), but they’re activities that will keep you entertained for long periods of time. These projects aren’t quick and simple, and they do require focus – so perhaps not an activity on days where fatigue or brain fog is hitting hard.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, there are loads of great Youtube tutorials to guide you through.


There’s nothing as simple as picking up a pen (or pencil) or paper and letting your imagination run wild. If drawing isn’t one of your strengths, again there are plenty of Youtube videos which will help you improve your skills.


Whether it be crosswords, sudoku or jigsaws, there’s plenty of challenging puzzles to keep your mind busy. With phones and tablets with App stores at the touch of a button, it’s even easier to get your brain working.


Because who doesn’t love a sweet treat?! Especially when you’re holed up a long periods of time.

Listening to music

If you’re a music lover, is there anything better than switching on your favourite tunes, having a good sing-a-long and, perhaps, even a little boogie? It sure does help lift the spirits.

Working out

Exercise isn’t just about physical health, it helps mental health too. I find exercise does wonders for my mental health! Again, depending on your condition, this might not be easily possible. If this is the case, then perhaps try Pilates or Yoga instead.

Check out my post about exercising with a chronic illness – it’s got some great tips!

Spending long periods of time at home can lead to boredom, demotivation and is likely to affect your mental health. Here's 20 ideas to keep you entertained.
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Catching up with your favourite vloggers/bloggers

The weekend is never long enough to get through everything you want. I, too often, find myself putting my blogs and vlogs to read and watch to the bottom of my to-do list. A flare-up is, therefore, the perfect time to catch up (assuming you have the focus to be able to do so).

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel while you’re at it😉

Playing with your pet

Regardless of whether it’s a cat, dog or any other type of pet, they all have their playful moments – some more than others. Take advantage of these… you’re both stuck in the house together after all.

Learning a new language

Ever been on holiday and wished you were able to fit into their culture a little bit more? Use this time to learn a new language or improve on the skills you already possess.

Clearing your emails

If you’re anything like me, then you let your emails pile up, and up, and up. It seems like a convenient thing to do at the time… until you’re left with hundreds to go through. Well, now you’ve got all the time in the world. So, as tedious a task as it might be, now’s the time to do it.

Having a bath

There is nothing I love more than running a nice hot bath, lighting some candles and switching off for a little while. Although I may not have done much all day, bath time is ALWAYS the time to truly relax and I feel much better for it after all. It also works wonders for my poor joints!

Tip: use a handful of Epsom salts to ease your painful joints and muscles.

Creating a scrapbook

Ever had so many memories and photos that you find yourself endlessly scrolling on your phone to find ’em? Pick your favourite ones and create a scrapbook for them all.

Catching up with friends

With social media at the touch of a button, our friends are never far away. Whether it be friends you have in real life or those you’ve met online, there’ll always be someone on the other end to chat with!

Making a bucket list

Everyone has something they want to do before they die or, at the very least when you’re feeling better. How many things can you come up with if you sit and think about it?


If you’re an Alice Greenfingers, then gardening is a great way to keep yourself entertained. Especially on sunny days (it’s sure better than sitting inside wishing you were out in it).

Tip: if you have mobility issues, this won’t be the easiest activity, so try a potting table to save having to bend/crouch down.


It’s 2020; you don’t need a fancy camera to take good photos. Phone cameras are great quality now too. Experiment. Try different subjects, different lighting and different angles. Most of all, have fun with it!

Spending long periods of time at home can lead to boredom, demotivation and is likely to affect your mental health. Here's 20 ideas to keep you entertained.
Stock Photo; Ivory Mix

So, there we have it, 20 things you can do if you’re stuck at home. Some of these will be easier than others depending on the type of condition you have. Try them out and let me know you get on! Also, if you think any others I’ve missed then drop them in the comments below!

Which will you try first?

Abbie @ SimplyAJ.co.uk




Spending long periods of time at home can lead to boredom, demotivation and is likely to affect your mental health. Here's 20 ideas to keep you entertained.

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